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Macey & Sons are a long-standing pioneer in alternative investment brokerage and auctioneering in Central, Hong Kong.

We pride ourselves on advising clients on diversifying their portfolios,
starting their own art or rare whisky collections and enabling them to make steady returns.
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Today, art and whisky are widely considered to be one of the safest and most solid forms of investment.


Most importantly, it is non market correlated, allowing it to keep its value outside of the turbulent financial markets.

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With over nine years of experience in valuing, trading and managing alternative assets, we are thrilled to be able to offer exclusive opportunities for you to bid and take part in our digital auction experience.


We facilitate the buying and selling of art and antique silver to investors, collectors and enthusiasts, so do get in touch if you have an item of interest.

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Sourced from around the globe, we have a rich and varied portfolio, encompassing blue chip Chinese contemporary artists to traditional ink, post-war art, modern European masters, Japanese art and iconic legends.


We actively support local emerging artists and strive to assist hidden talents in reaching their ultimate potential.

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Current insights from industry leading experts with regards to art, antiques, silverware and whisky.
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Alternative investments have become more popular in recent years and with a greater variety of products, this has created a wider spectrum for investors.

Low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternatives can be a beneficial way to diversify your portfolio and reduce volatility.


This offers the potential for enhanced returns and a portfolio yield.


We offer different luxury collectibles, including rare whisky, art and antique silver.

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We identify and authenticate items by providing item valuations from homes and estates. We also provide insured valuations to ensure a unique and genuine collection.