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Macey & Sons is a long-standing pioneer in art brokerage and auctioneering.

Located in the heart of Central, our stylish private showroom, which regularly curates and exhibits our collections.


Magnificent Paul Storr silver line 18th Century Regency furnishings and a curation of art ranging from English Romantic painter John Constable to radical post-war art by Gutai member Imai Toshimitsu adorn the walls.


Gives art-lovers the opportunity to browse esteemed works of art in spacious and comfortable surroundings whilst our team of specialists will guide you through an array of Asia’s finest works.

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We offer a suite of services unique to the international Hong Kong market, we extend our services to valuing art and collectibles for insurance or your records.


Our specialists will be able to identify and authenticate hidden treasures in order to connect you with the right buyer and get you the best price.

Sourced from around the globe, we have a rich and varied portfolio, encompassing blue chip Chinese contemporary artists to traditional ink, post-war art, modern European masters and iconic legends.



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Jonathan Macey
Founder & CEO

Jonathan Macey has been involved in art, collectibles, auctions and events for over 30 years.

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Steve has over 25 years in finance and operations, he oversees the daily running of Macey & Sons. 

Steve Manser
COO & Deputy Chairman
"A good selection of art works and collectibles. Art works range from top notch investment worthy artists to up and coming artists." - Lara M
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Abstract Structure
Commitment to you

Alongside these services, Macey & Sons have also offer Masterclasses on how to tailor an exit strategy for investment through the auction process.


Held on a regular basis these classes have been very popular and are designed to educate the investor on how an auction operates, how they can maximise the value of their investment upon exit and to give them the confidence when investing, selecting and exiting.

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