Jonathan has 25 years experience in the auctioneering and finance industry. He has extensive knowledge in the field of antiquities and Fine Arts.With a dedicated team of professionals, Macey and Sons Auctioneers and Valuers Limited ( Macey and Sons ) provides comprehensive services for art investors in Hong Kong, specializing in Art Valuations, Auctioneering services and Private sales including but not limited to fine art, classic watch and clocks, jewelry and diamonds.

Our Mission

Macey and Sons believe in offering a suite of services unique to the International Hong Kong market. It is our experience that many people are both fascinated but confused when they have purchased Fine Art, Classic Watch and Clocks, Jewellery, as well as Diamonds, as to how they should then proceed to value and exit their investment. This is why Macey and Sons decided that both existing and potential clients should benefit from the services we have to offer.



Why Alternative Assets?

Alternative investments play an important role in stabilizing investors’ portfolios, because of their ability to achieve returns irrespective of stock market performance. Our choice of alternative investments are widely regarded as desirable luxury items that many people aspire to own and learn more about.

Supply and demand is the underlying principle of this investment and because the demand for quality items exceeds the supply, its scarcity and quality increases its worth. Our aim is to make money for our patrons through these alternative investments.

The Selection Process

All of Macey and Sons' artworks come with certificates of authenticity direct from the artist. Obtaining all our artworks directly from the artist allows Macey and Sons to choose the very best artworks without being bound by restrictive contracts.

Investment Strategies

Upon purchasing works of Art, Macey and Sons suggests a minimum holding period of 3-5 years whereby we then guarantee to take the Artwork to Auction or sell the item(s) through our Private Sales department.

Portfolio Building

Like any asset class, it is also important to diversify. Clients are encouraged to build a balanced portfolio with different artists.


Ideally situated in Hong Kong as the gateway between East and West, Macey and Sons is able to look after the needs of both its Asian and Western clients such is its experience in both these regions. This is also reflected in its professional staff who come from a diverse array of backgrounds within Asia and the West.


In conjunction with offering these services, Macey and Sons have also decided to offer Master classes on how an investor is able to tailor an exit strategy for their investment via the auction process. Held on a regular basis these classes are designed to educate the investor on how an auction operates, how they are able to participate in order to maximize the value of their investment upon exit and to generally give them the confidence that when they invest they can, at a time of their choosing, feel confident in deciding when the time is right to exit that investment. Apart from investors we honour art appreciation seminars to enhance individuals knowledge by inviting special guest speakers whom are experts of various areas of the art ecosystem.

So important does Macey and Sons feel this service and knowledge to be that they have decided to hold these classes monthly.

*If you would like to learn more, please feel free to leave your details on our contact page whereby one of our members of team will contact you as soon as possible.