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Flowers and Art

Since ancient times, a lot of artists and poets have used flowers to express their feelings.

For the first time Macey and Sons Auctioneers and Valuers will join with enamel jewelry manufacturer Frey Wille , to hold a flower-themed art evening. Classic paintings will be on display alongside the enamel jewellery, showcasing the magnificent style of the art.

Macey and Sons CEO, auctioneer and art investment expert Jonathan Macey refers to a number of artists who have flower-themed classic paintings on display, including Yun
Huaiying˴ Feng Changjiang ,Ismail Latiff and others.

Although women in ancient times faced many shackles , there is no lack of women who had the courage to break the shackles of self. The Yun Huaiying is an example of this. A Yun clan painter trained in Changzhou School, her works show bright flowers against mild forms.

In Modern China, because of the well-known Chinese oil painter Zhang Dazhong’s use of the Red Guard theme in his subject matter, he was concerned by some recent,
female portrait works. Zhang prefers to explore the female modesty. In his work “Symbols of Patriotism” he portrays a thoughtfully quiet temperament, by showing the female holding flowers even though she is heavily armed, preventing the girl from losing her gentle charm.