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Martin Foot Exhibition

Renaissance Italian artist Michelangelo created a large marble statue – David (1501 – 1504), which people still talk about hundreds of years later. Today, contemporary British sculptor Martin Foot has been praised as the Michelangelo of the modern world. To give people a chance to appreciate his rare works, An Auctioneer and Valuers Company is holding a private exhibition for Martin Foot.

Macey and Sons Auctioneers and Valuers Limited are staging the [Martin Foot Private Preview], where they are exhibiting 5 elaborately carved works in different periods by private appointment only. Martin Foot is well-known in the art market, so a number of buyers have already purchased the pieces since the private previews started. For this exhibition, the price of each piece ranges from HKD200,000 to HKD500,000. If you are interested in viewing these world exclusive pieces from Martin Foot’s works, you can make a private appointment with Macey and Sons Auctioneers and Valuers Limited.

Create the World by Hand

Martin is a highly valued and versatile sculptor. He can create a fantastic sculpture using any materials, no matter what the size or style of the creation is. After he completed his apprenticeship in Liverpool, England, he worked locally on many public buildings. From there, he relocated to Australia to continue his career and participated in a number of major projects with Italian carvers on large, complex and highly decorative replacements in Sydney Sandstone. In 1996, Martin moved and settled in Pietrasanta, a central Italian town, where he put his heart and soul into his creative world.

Martin has said in an interview, “working with his hands” was his idea from childhood. Martin also said that sculpting is a fairly rigorous art. The sculptor must put all their concentration and spirit into their works, and also need to be very patient. Because of this, the number of apprenticeships is declining every year. Martin is unsure if we still have sculptors in the world in 500 years, but he is sure that the statue is home and you have no chance to turn back once fell into the marble world.

Martin prefers to create his own favorite themes rather than receiving custom orders. His works are being collected by various national official institutions, private collectors and other collectibles. Amongst his works, some of the famous pieces are statue of sportsmen. Some of these statues are on display at famous Danish sports organizations including the Danish Sports Association.

An Uncommonly Passionate Man

Jonathan Macey, the CEO of Macey and Sons Auctionners and Valuers Limited, is also an Auctioneer and Valuer. He is very excited to be exhibiting Martin’s works. During the interview, he repeatedly uses the phrase ‘Passionate Man’ to describe Martin.

“Martin is not young, but is still full of creative energy and spirit; he is really an uncommonly passionate man. Each of his works, which is carved from a whole piece of marble with smooth lines and stunning texture, receive millions of compliments. He likes to create multiple works at the same time, each piece requiring at least two years, so patient and persistence is essential. The 5 works being exhibited all featuring different themes. My favourite piece is <Hypnos>, the gorgeous statue of a woman’s head which was finished in 2013. The curly hair and peaceful expression are very attractive and elude a feeling of harmony. Placing this work in a dark room with a spotlight directed on it will provide the perfect visual impression.

Jonathan Macey, the CEO of Macey and Sons Auctioneers and Valuers Limited, really appreciates the works of Martin Foot.


  1. A statue of a woman's head wearing a peaceful expression, the hair is both realistic and detailed, finished in 2013.
  2. A sculpture of an Italian chef, finished in 1995.
  3. A sclupture showing a strong body and Muscles, finished in 2015.
  4. Made from Carrara marble, a dog lying on the ground, finished in 1993.
  5. A dynamic picture showing horses racing, finished in 2001.

Martin Foot's Profile


Martin Foot is born in England but resides in Pietrasanta, Italy since 1996. He is a highly regarded and versatile sculptor. He works in a wide variety of materials and a huge range of scale and style. He is classically trained but with an enthusiasm encompassing inspiration from the Medieval to the Modern. Please find more details on Martin Foot official website:

Exhibition Time

Date: Now until 18th May 2015
Time: 11 – 6PM
Company: Macey and Sons Auctioneers and Valuers Limited

Other Works of Martin Foot


"Understanding Your Purpose Before Purchasing an Artwork" - Jonathan Macey

For the entry level buyers, Jonathan provides some suggestions. “Firstly, you need to understand your purchase purpose, is your purchase for investment, collection or others; secondly, follow your feeling to choose, the one you feel the most, the one you should own that one. Recently, there are more and more good artists from Asia, people can do some research for artists from Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippine, etc.” Jonathan has picked some potential artists for us, is there any one of them is your cup of tea?

Artist Recommendation

Ding Yan Yong (1902 – 1978), is one of the pioneers of new art movement promoter in China, hailed as [Matisse of the East] and Badashanren of the Modern Times]. He attended the most prestigious art school, the Tokyo School of Fine Art and influenced by French master Henri Matisse and Fauvist style. Upon his returning to China, he began to do the research about ink painting of BadaShanren, Shi Tao and JinNong. Ding innovated a form of painted called "one brush stroke painting" which figures executed in a simple, naive and expressive style.


NieOu was born in 1948, Shen Yang. Nie is good at Chinese brush ink painting and she likes to paint child's image in country side. Her works express simple, pure and timeless atmosphere. Nie is also one of the artists of "New Literati Painting" and influence Chinese contemporary art industry strongly. Nie’s works combines traditional painting skills and reflection of spirit of traditional art.


Han Yajuan More and more 80's artists have been recognized by collectors, Han Yajuan is one of the potential young artists. She was born in 1980, Qing Dao. According to Reuters’s article, "The Hot-Young-Artists League Table", Han Yajuan is ranked 7th in the world. Also Bloomberg's 2013 article shows that Han’s work is the 9th highest grossing at auction among all artists born since 1980. She is using artworks to tell the dream of young.