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More than Heirlooms…Why Invest in Antique Silver?

Since the beginning of civilization, silver has played an important and enduring role in most

cultures. Through the ages, as a valuable commodity it has been and still is revered and used on so many levels. Quite aside from its important role as a means of currency, silver has also been transformed by skilled craftsmen into religious reliquaries for worship, or in the production of decorative items and household wares. To this day, silver is invariably associated with wealth, standing and importance. Hence the meaning behind the old phrase “born with a silver spoon in their mouth”, an expression which directly links silver to affluence.


The silver market is becoming ever more global, with serious buyers from China and the Middle East entering the collecting arena. This interest is driven by a rapidly increasing appreciation for European art and antiques with silver forming an essential part of a refined and sophisticated collection. There is a limited supply of finest quality silver treasures in the world today, with ever fewer pieces coming onto the market. These factors help maintain value, interest and excitement in rare antique silver. While the majority of collectors buy for pleasure and enjoyment, often the intrinsic value of top quality silver and its investment potential gives an additional feeling of security. 


Buyers should start with what they like, but as with all disciplines in the art world, one should go for the very best they can afford. Buying the best does not necessarily mean the oldest, but learning about the makers and their designs will point the buyer in the direction they need to look.


Condition is one of the most important factors to consider when buying or investing in silver. Choose the finest quality and you will not go far wrong. Condition is everything and people will always be prepared to pay for the best. 

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