The Elephant Society Charity Auction 2018

Macey & Sons proudly supports The Elephant Foundation & African Wildlife Foundation. This November, Macey & Sons will be at the The Elephant Foundation & African Wildlife Foundation Gala Dinner. CEO, Mr. Jonathan Macey will be the auctioneer for this prestigious event at the Island Shangri-La on November 16th, 2018.


Elephants are a key stone species. Other animals, plants and entire ecosystems rely on them for survival. Their large footprints act as a water collection for smaller animals. They are also known as 'nature gardeners', plants and trees rely on elephants to disperse their seeds far and wide through their dung, but today these magnificent creatures are facing the biggest threat to survival due to continued ivory poaching. If we don't act now they could face localized extinctions.

Elephants are an amazingly intelligent species, their emotions and cognitive behaviours are very similar to humans. They develop strong, intimate bonds between friends and family members. They even grieve for their lost loved ones and feel fear, joy and empathy.


YOU can help to save elephants and rhinos.
Simply Say No To Wildlife Trade!