A Successful Night for the Whiskies

The Whisky Auction 2018

A smashing sale held at our gallery (in central) last Thursday evening. As whisky prices rocket in recent years, as more and more buyers search for rare bottles from auction houses around the world, notably the trending Japanese whiskies in Hong Kong like Karuizawa distillery, Yoichi distillery etc.

Lot 65 Karuizawa 31 Years Golden Geisha (1 bottle) sold at HK$64,800 and Lot 68 Yamazaki 18 Years Old - set of 5 bottles sold at HK$162,000 lit up the evening. Whilst The Macallan, Dalmore and Glenfiddich showed that Scottish whisky is still very much in vogue here in Asia.

"We are proud to have hosted our first whisky only auction here in Hong Kong and, even amongst tough economic times we have seen that there is still a demand for fine luxury whiskies."

- Jonathan Macey
Founder & Chairman of Macey & Sons