A rare chance to bring home antique silver to dress the holiday season

​The Silver Exhibition

The Silver Exhibition

As Christmas draws near, Macey & Sons is proud to present to you the 'Silver Exhibition'.19th Century Antique Silver brings decadence and elegance to your every day life. For centuries the precious metal has been used for ornate tableware — the kind associated with royal banquets and high-society dinners.

Antique Silver is timeless, and thus retains and enhances in value. As well as silverware being a great investment, the beauty, craftsmanship and interesting provenance makes these ornaments valuable art.At the grandest end of the spectrum are the great royal and aristocratic pieces.

In the hands of Macey & Sons lies a legacy of 19th Century, opulent silver from Britain’s most renowned and respectable silversmiths featuring Paul Storr, Benjamin James and William Pitt.The viewing will run from Friday, 14th December until Wednesday, 19th December by appointment only.

A rare chance to bring home antique silver to dress the holiday season.

Friday, 14th December - Wednesday, 19th December

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