An Evening with Four-time Biennale Winner, Shazia Imran


A Solo Exhibition and meet the Artist, Shazia Imran


For those who might not yet know about four-time Biennale winner Shazia Imran. Imran is Paskistani-born, Australian artist and sculptor best known for her expressive mixed media pieces. Imran has been continuously selected by Worldwide Biennale judging panels. The exhibition is not theme based thus allowing for all artistic movements to be present. The focus is on painting, works on paper, sculpture, applied arts and digital art, professionally curated to give the viewer a stimulating yet coherent experience. 


Imran's delicately multi-layered paintings explore the connections between landscape, memory and the subconscious through texture and the interplay of light and dark, creating an atmosphere that opens itself up to multiple meanings.


As the sole art dealership of Shazia's work in Hong Kong and Singapore, earlier this month, Macey and Sons hosted a special evening with Imran in our private gallery where Imran shared a rare glimpse of her recent commissioned work for MGM Cotai's, 'The Mansion', a largely-scaled extension of her 'Mandala Collection' utilising golden threads and an exclusive reveal of new works.


Painting on the Left: Marina (2019), 122cm x 122cm, Oil on Canvas  | Painting on the Right: Vigour (2019),  122cm x 122cm, Oil on Canvas
Shazia Imran's solo exhibition talk
First showcase of Shazia's latest work. Painting on the Right: Vigour (2019),  122cm x 122cm, Oil on Canvas