A RETROSPECTIVE Toshimitsu Imaï's Art


A Solo Exhibition of An Influential Japanese Artist


There are artists whose presence at certain moments in the history of art engender tectonic shifts. Toshimitsu Imaï 今井俊満 (1928-2002) Kyoto, Japan, was one, who not only achieved high acclaim as a painter dedicated to constantly bringing the new to the medium but also to changing the trajectory of avant-garde art movement in post-war Japan - by introducing Art Informel to his fellow Japanese artists and critics in the late 1950s.


A RETROSPECTIVE of Toshimitsu Imaï's Art is now on display at the PMQ Gallery exhibiting pieces of Imaï’s early days, characterised by an ‘ultra-complex structure’ using strong colours and heavy brushstrokes and the transcendence after the Informel to Ka-Cho-Fu-Getsu (flower, birds, wind, and moon) series, indicative of his gentle and romantic sensitivity.


Venue: S104, Block A, 35 Aberdeen Street, PMQ, Central

Date:     15 Oct – 21 Nov 2019 

Time:    Everyday, from 10am-7pm except 2pm-3pm


Objective: to promote the art exhibition, call for action to pay a visit before the exhibition ends.  


Solo Exhibition of Toshimitsu Imaï in PMQ Gallery
Trio Colors, 72.5cm x 60.5cm, Acrylic on Canvas
Man Ray Series Rayogram/Rayograph Blue No.3 (1979), 73cm x 53cm, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas