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News & Upcoming Events

The latest updates of events at Macey & Sons 

Fine Art Asia 2020
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

With most of the art shows, exhibitions and events cancelled this year due to the Covid pandemic, it was refreshing that Fine Art Asia went ahead. We were most delighted to get one of the largest booths at the show and managed to display a varied selection of artwork and antique silver from the 18th and 19th century.

NOV 27-30 2020

Fall 2019 edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show
Unveiling A Fresh Perspective

As the main sponsors for the 15th edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show, Macey & Sons gallery exhibited in the lobby of the Conrad Hong Kong. An exhibition on ‘Legacy’, namely, what we will create and leave behind. Featuring a selection of post-war Japanese art from the radical art collective, ‘Gutai Art Association’.

OCT 4 2019

Passion Transaction
Passionate & Strategic Alternative Investment Seminar

Showing our dedication to educating potential investors in the realms of art, each month, Macey & Sons hosts critically curated seminars focused on educational topics within the art market and culture, combining vast knowledge from different industry professionals.

MAY 9 2019

March Seminar
Mr. Julian Marland

Macey & Sons is honoured to have Julian Marland General Manager, Development of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority. As guest speaker, he spoke on The West Kowloon Cultural District's development as an arts and culture hub that will further drive the position of Hong Kong as a key centre for the art market on an international scale.

MAR 14 2019

2019 Longines Masters of Hong Kong

Now in its seventh edition, the Longines Masters of Hong Kong has become an integral part of the region's social and cultural calendar, combining heart-pounding competition by the world's top showjumping riders and horses with world-class entertainment, fashion, art and gastronomy.

FEB 15 2019

HUB Charity Ball 2019
18th October 2019

The HUB is a children's support centre which provides educational support, extra-curricular classes, family counselling, social health and wellbeing services to those who need it most without discrimination. Each year guests come together in support raising millions to create equal opportunities for disadvantaged children.

OCT 18 2019

The 8th Anniversary Celebration

On 19th September, our clients and guests joined us to help celebrate the remarkable 8th anniversary of Macey & Sons Auctioneers and Valuers Limited in our newly re-vamped gallery. When people support each other, incredible things happen. Taking time every day to appreciate our loved ones help us to grow and connect as a family.

SEP 19 2019

Interactive Seminar - Preserving Monasteries in Tibet

Macey & Sons is very honoured to host independent Asian art researcher and specialist in Himalayan Art, Ms. Wai Wai Hon. She demonstrate the archival process of using advanced technologies to capture and record the art collections, murals and architecture of important monasteries in Tibet.

JUN 20 2019

Hong Kong International Schools Festival

Empowering children and students at the annual Hong Kong International Schools Festival, organised by the South China Morning Post at the Island Shangri-la Hotel. The program provides parents with vital information on the international school system, including debenture and curriculum options.

SEP 21 2019

Masterclass: How to Invest in Art and Antiques in Times of Market Turmoil

Our Founder Jonathan Macey spoke on the decadence and elegance of 19th Century Antique Silver. Elaborating on its timelessness, and more importantly, how it retains and enhances in value. As well as silverware being a great investment, the beauty, craftsmanship and enchanting provenance makes these ornaments valuable art.

SEP 26 2019

Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2019

Macey & Sons are back for the 14th Edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show at the Conrad Hong Kong. Art is more than what you see, our context shapes our reality. Many Gutai works were untitled so as to allow the audience to interpret the art without pre-conceived thoughts.

APR 29 2019


Seminar with special guest Lee Young. Duke’s Asia art expert and as seen on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

Throughout the evening, Lee Young shared his 'trials and tribulations' through a series of case studies on Asian art and antiques. Furthering the knowledge of the guests in the valuing and appraisal process of antiques and the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio.

JAN 30 2019

A Flying Start To Buying Art

At Macey & Sons, we not only have access to incredible pieces of fine art and collectibles, we like to show our appreciation to our new and loyal clients. We are extremely proud to announce from the September 1st 2018, Macey & Sons will be partnering withAsia Miles to offer great rewards to our clients.

SEP 1 2018

Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize

One of the most anticipated Arts Prize events of the year guests experienced where art meets society, human rights, seeing also the action and real change brought by Justice Centre Hong Kong. Celebrating the powerful stories of Hong Kong artists and help us raise much needed funds to ensure Justice Centre’s essential work within the community can continue into 2019.

DEC 8 2018

Sunbeam Children's Foundation Charity Auction

The Sunbeam Children’s Foundation provides shelter, education, healthcare, social support and career guidance to orphans and disadvantaged children, from young infants to teenagers – many of whom have no family support of any kind.

NOV 10 2018

AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum

AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum
Macey & Sons were delighted to sponsor The AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum returns to Hong Kong on 13th-15th November 2018.

NOV 12 2018

The Silver Exhibition

As Christmas draws near, Macey & Sons is proud to present to you the 'Silver Exhibition'. 19th Century Antique Silver brings decadence and elegance to your every day life. For centuries the precious metal has been used for ornate tableware — the kind associated with royal banquets and high-society dinners.

DEC 14 2018

The Elephant Foundation & African Wildlife Foundation Gala Dinner

Macey & Sons proudly supports The Elephant Foundation & African Wildlife Foundation. This November, Macey & Sons will be at the The Elephant Foundation & African Wildlife Foundation Gala Dinner.

NOV 16 2018

Scotch and Japanese Whiskies Tastings

Following the success of the Japanese and Scotch whisky auction, Macey & Sons are excited to be host “The October Whisky Auction”. With over 100 lots of single malt whiskies.

OCT 18 2018

Private Whisky Tasting & Preview

Macey & Sons hosted an evening dedicated to a private preview of rare and vintage Scotch and Japanese Whisky accompanied by a tasting of premium, hand-picked whisky.

Oct 23 2018

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