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A discrete service dedicated to acquiring genuine investment works of art with full provenance and authenticity.

The art market is a wonderful opportunity for people to fulfil both their aesthetic and economic goals. Macey & Sons are proactive in acquiring artworks directly from artists and private collections. We have a discrete service dedicated to acquiring genuine investment works of art with full provenance and authenticity, offering not just ROI but passion and culture to your investment portfolio.


Art offers monetary rewards. If a buyer seeks diversification to spread risk and to maximise potential gain, art investment is a perfect solution. Purchases should be considered as a long term investment rather than a quick profit. A work of art holds and increases in value over time. During that time, the buyer can enjoy the artwork, combining both profit and pleasure. When you engage Macey & Sons for a private sale, we will present you with an agreement outlining our exclusive right to offer the work for a specified period of time.


We suggest a minimum holding period of five years after which we then guarantee to take the artwork to auction, or sell the item(s) through our Private Sales department. Macey & Sons has created stunning private spaces as focal point to introduce you to the world of art, as an opportunity not just for investment. Let us demonstrate to you that art investment will work for you.

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Live Auctions & Our Commitment to Charities.

As one of the foremost and most experienced auctioneers in Hong Kong, Macey & Sons have presented auctions for many luxury categories and in various locations and countries. Our multi-function gallery and salesroom is situated in the heart of Central hosting many live auctions and a private showroom exhibiting precious pieces.

Macey & Sons hold regular auction sales for third parties, specialising in the following:


  • Artworks (Sculpture & Paintings)

  • Whisky Casks

  • Antiques 

  • Silver

  • Clocks


Macey’s character and style in working the audience has raised millions for charities and non-profit organisations. Over 10 charities have been supported, including The HK Cancer Fund, The Elephant Society, Project C: Change, The Jane Goodall Institute and the first Hospice for the Children of Moscow at their annual Romanov Ball and more.

Another highlight of our commitment to raising money for causes is our active participation in the community by playing our part in the legacy of bringing back polo to Hong Kong. As brand and team partner of the first ever Hong Kong Polo Team, to date we have helped raise over $1.5 million HKD for Riding for the Disabled Association, Hong Kong.

We are also the official auctioneers for the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Ball, Sunbeam Foundation Charity Ball, Harrow International School Ball and Consulate General of the Russian Federation.



Valuing hidden treasures.


As part of our full suite of services, we provide item valuations from homes and estates. With the growing number of collectors worldwide, we understand that every treasured piece has a story to share and a unique history to cherish. Our experts will be able to identify and authenticate items in order to connect you with the right buyer and get you the best price. Fully insured valuations are also an option if required and we are licensed to insure artworks and other luxury items.


To ensure your collection is genuine and unique in the market, Macey & Sons are dedicated to provide fully insured valuations for the listed chattels:

  • Artworks (e.g. sculptures and paintings)

  • Antiques and Silver

  • Vintage jewellery

  • Wrist watches and clocks

  • Fine wine

  • Home and Contents and Property valuations


As a unique offering, we often work with loss adjusting firms and insurance companies to discreetly and professionally advise our clients in their ongoing insurance needs. You may make an appointment in advance for valuation.

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Showing our dedication to educating potential investors in the realms of art.

Showing our dedication to educating potential investors in the realms of art, each month, Macey & Sons hosts critically curated seminars focused on educational topics within the art market and culture, combining vast knowledge from different industry professionals.

Each seminar date is announced 3 weeks prior to the event and is hosted in our private gallery located in the heart of Central. The seminars are designed to provide advice to seasoned collectors and to educate a new market of buyers as to how to build a successful art portfolio.

They can include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Art market information

  • Art appreciation tour including world exclusive art releases

  • Art investment solutions

  • Auctions "Do's and Don’ts"

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