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Art Week | ‘Move With Me – The Black & White World of Yuki Nishimoto’

Back in Hong Kong for Art Week, Contemporary Japanese sumi-e ink artist Yuki Nishimoto unveils a new exhibition “Move With Me, The Black & White World of Yuki Nishimoto” which will be held at the Macey & Sons Gallery (19/F, Winsome House, 73 Wyndham Street, Central) from 17th – 25th March 2023.

Nishimoto captivates audiences with his live performances and he will be doing two sessions for VIPs on Friday 17th March and the second for the public on Thursday 23rd March.

Overall, Nishimoto’s work has earned him wide international acclaim. In 2014, he performed a live painting in Hong Kong that later sold at Christie’s. Two years later in 2016, he exhibited his work at the Ronin Gallery in New York titled ‘The Great Wave Contemporary Talents Of Japan’, as well as at the famous Kyushu National Museum’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition. 2017 saw him feature at Art Central Hong Kong and in 2020, Yuki Nishimoto's toubokuga (porcelain panel paintings) were featured in the private exhibition, Destruction and Creation, held in Fukui. Yuki Nishimoto has also been exhibited with Stefano Bombardieri and Tim Lewis.

“Move With Me” will feature museum-level artworks from the Kyushu National Museum that will be available for purchase for the first time outside of Japan.

Nishimoto is a representative of a Sumi-e artist of Japan and his artworks have garnered attention from around the world. Not restricted to traditional methods, he combines bold, daring strokes with a delicate touch to produce dynamic images with energy and verve. Subjects vary from classic Japanese imagery, such as dragons and samurai, to modern athletes and musicians.

He regularly performs live painting for events or for TV shows and holds solo exhibitions and live performances, as well as collaborating with computer graphics, motion pictures and diverse fields outside Japan including Europe, America, China – making him an unconventional artist active on the modern stage.


Illiana Bodnar-Horvath

Managing Director of Marketing & Works of Art

M: (852) 62001093


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