How has whisky sales been during Covid-19?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Generally, at the start of Covid-19 whisky cask sales weren’t affected much until about a third of the way into the pandemic. I think sales slowed because people were a bit afraid, but now they are picking up again, especially with the volatility of the other asset classes.

If you look over a 10 year period with stocks and shares, what you put into the FTSE 10 years ago to this day has 1% appreciation. If you look at whisky it is gone up by over 560%. Whisky never goes down in value, it may slow when coming up or during the Covid-19 months.

The appreciation this year is 6.8%, so it’s not reaching the magical 12-15% but that’s understandable because people are still tightening in their belts and now they are starting to realise that whisky is a good alternative asset and for the first time in 10 years gold overtook whisky as the best performing asset class.

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