How is Scotch whisky made?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

It’s made from barley. Once they have the seed, they pour it together on the malting floor, it’s then wetted and they turn it over until the grain starts to malt. This is where the root comes out where they dry the grain and put it in a kiln.

If they’re making a peaty whisky, they will burn the peat underneath.

Another way is to funnel hot air through.

The aim of this is to kill the grain so that it stops growing and becomes completely dead (this process also turns the starch into sugar). This is then put into a mill that grinds it all up resulting in a powder and grist mixture that goes into a wash. Hot water is then added and once it is all drained off, they repeat the process two or three times.

When the third mixture comes out, they put in new grain and then the process continues with the steam going into the distillers, ethanol is then captured into a spirits safe and into a cask.

In terms of time, it depends on the actual distillery itself and whether they do a double or triple distillation. But generally, this takes four or five days to complete.

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