Scottish & Japanese Whisky

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

There seems to be a lot of noise around Japanese whiskies, what are your thoughts on these compared to Scotland?

Both of them are quite different. Japanese whiskies are usually milder and much easier to drink so it’s not as smoky or peaty in comparison to some Scotch whiskies. This means that Asian women (on the whole) tend to favour this taste profile.

Many of the famous distilleries in Japan have closed down resulting in the surging prices and shortage of many sought after brands. As an investment, it has a high entry point whereas Scottish whisky still has a lot of potential to grow. Instead of closing down, many distilleries in Scotland are upgrading and investing in their facilities. Many luxury brands like LVMH, Diageo, The Macallan and Pernod Ricard have invested heavily into Scottish distilleries.

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